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Once again I find myself without a computer.This has been a crazy holiday season for me. I started back in September selling my MacBook Pro. I was setting up for the up and coming new iPad that was expected to land in October.I was hoping to get the new iPad for about the same amount as the current iPad. Apple, of course, had different plans for me.Apple launched their iPads and they come with a sizeable price increase. I simply did not know which model and configuration to order. My budget was $700, but any configuration was way over that amount.I ordered the iPad Pro 11”, then the iPad Pro 12.9”, and even the Mac Mini. I finally purchased the iPad Pro 12.9” 256GB. After using it a few days, I realized I needed the folio and the Pencil. I went from my budget of $700 to $1,477.95. This was more than double my budget. Nice Apple. I used it for about a week and realized, this is simply too much to pay for a device that does about 80% of what I need it for, so I returned it.After a week,…