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New Apple iPad Soon

Once again I find myself without a computer.
I currently own an Apple iPhone X and that is basically it. I have a work computer, but it is locked down and I am not to use it for personal use.
My previous computer was an Apple MacBook Pro 13” 2017 model. I owned it for about 6 months. Well did I sell it, I simply did not want to get stuck with a device that I occasionally use. I want a device that I use more frequently and is more mobile.
In the past I have used the following:
* Apple iPad * Google ChromeBook * Microsoft Surface
There are pros and cons for these devices. For some reason, they did not fit my needs.
I am an Apple guy, and I prefer the Apple OS environment. That will always be my first choice. Apple will soon introduce their 2018 Fall new product lineup. I am hoping to get the new iPad Pro. Let see how it goes.