Apple HomePod

When I was a kid my brother bought a pair speakers for his stereo. The first song he played was Dreams from Fleetwood Mac. The speakers just vibrated with exploding sound. Up to that time, I had never heard music sound like this.

Now, whenever I get new speakers or headphones, I will play Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Hoping I will get that experience I had when I was a kid. Recently Apple released the HomePod. It is a speaker that includes Siri.

Most of the reviews were not good. They mostly compared the speaker with smart speakers like Amazon Echo Plus, Google Home Max and Sonos One. Comparing the comands and compatibility with services.

The HomePod is a music speaker with siri. If you are looking for a smart speakers buy one those smart speakers I mentioned above. If you are looking for a speaker that vibrates with exploding sound, and you are in the Apple ecosystem, get the HomePod.


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