Apple iPhone Upgrade Mess!

Back on September 12, 2017 Apple launched 3 new models iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The iPhone 8's would be available to order on September 22, 2017 and the iPhone X would be available to order on October 27, 2017.

After the announcement, I was dead set on upgrading to the iPhone X. I did my research. I was going to trade in my iPhone 7 and get the iPhone X.

The waiting began. I started reading the tech news sites, bloggers and podcasts. The rumors sites indicated that the iPhone X was going to be very difficult to get. If you did not order on launch, you would not get it till next year. The new features on the iPhone X were going to have issues. The Face ID would not work and the notch on screen looks terrible. This phone is only made for the elite and is priced way too high.

I fell for it and decided to get the the iPhone 8 Plus Space Gray with 256GB of storage, which came out to $949 Plus tax. This was my first mistake. It was only $50 less than the iPhone X model. I received it on launched day, it was great at first. I have used a Plus in the past and I liked the larger screen size. After using it for a few days I realized why I did not stay with it, is just too big to carry around. I always felt like I was going to drop it and break it.

As the iPhone X ordering date approached, all the people who were talking bad about this phone were discussing how they plan to order the iPhone X. Wait, you are talking bad about this phone and now, you are ordering it. I realized I had made a mistake.

I am stuck with an iPhone 8 Plus, when I wanted the iPhone X. What do I do? It is too late to return and I am on a 2 year agreement with AT&T for this phone that I do not want.

My son had mentioned to me that he wanted a larger phone. I asked him if he would take my phone and he agreed. He would give me his phone and I would sell it to get rid of at least one contract.

Now, I am going to order the iPhone X. I decided I would not stay up and order on launch day. My plan was to wait the next day and if it is still available for November delivery I would order it. That morning I checked Apple website and all models were back ordered for 5 to 6 weeks. I checked AT&T site they had some models available for launch day. I ordered the iPhone X Silver 64GB for $999.

I received iPhone X on launch day it was the best iPhone ever, and I can say this, because I have owned every model that has come out.

I gave my son the 8 Plus, and was ready to go. After 5 days my son said the same thing, the Plus is too big and it is difficult to use in one hand. He feels like he will drop it and break it.

Ok, I told him to bring it back and will sell on eBay. I listed it on eBay. Everyone wanted to know if it was unlocked and I would say no, and that scared away the buyers. After just 4 hours it sold! The buyer sent me the money and I started packaging it up.
Right before going to the post office the the seller asked me, if it was unlocked and I said, "no." He then ask for a refund. I could be jerk and just say too bad. eBay does not protect the sellers, they protect the buyers. I decided to refund the buyer. Now, I am stuck with 2 phones.

What do I do? I can keep two phones or find a way to get ride of one. I paid for the iPhone X with a credit card, so it is not under contract with AT&T. That means that I can request it to be unlocked and I would easily sell it on eBay, since there is such a high demand. I posted it on eBay and in 2 hours sold for the amount I needed. As soon as I got the money I turned around paid off AT&T's iPhone Plus contract. Now I can re-order the iPhone X on contract with AT&T. I have shipping date of November 27th. When I receive the iPhone X, then I will request for the Plus to be unlocked and sell it on eBay.

Obviously, I am taking a loss on this mess. In the end I will have the phone I originally wanted. iPhone X Silver 64GB.

One thing I learned is that everyone wants eyeballs. They will says things that are not facts for you to read or listen to there content.

I believe that Apple was planning to announce only the iPhone 8 models, but the iPhone X was much farther along then they thought it would be.
Right before launch they decided to launch both models, but a later launch date for the X to get the inventory to a decent level.

I am pretty sure I will get the phone before the 27th.


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