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Daily Post

My daily post consist of my thoughts and point of technology I come across.
Today I had an experience with a Samsung Chromebook Plus laptop. I purchased during Black Friday Sales. It cost $349.99 the original price was $449.99.

This is a high end Chromebook with a touchscreen. It can download Android Apps via Google Play Store. The Android apps work different. They are designed to work on phones and tablets, so the experience is awkward.  It looks high end, but once you start using it if feels cheap. The keyboard feels undersized. The screen is blurs from time to time.
I have to change my approach to Chromebooks. I need to expect less. If you stick to just using the browser and not try to do more than that, then you will be fine. I have returned this Chromebook, but I will continue to look for a larger one that I can type with.

Apple iPhone Upgrade Mess!

Back on September 12, 2017 Apple launched 3 new models iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. The iPhone 8's would be available to order on September 22, 2017 and the iPhone X would be available to order on October 27, 2017.

After the announcement, I was dead set on upgrading to the iPhone X. I did my research. I was going to trade in my iPhone 7 and get the iPhone X.

The waiting began. I started reading the tech news sites, bloggers and podcasts. The rumors sites indicated that the iPhone X was going to be very difficult to get. If you did not order on launch, you would not get it till next year. The new features on the iPhone X were going to have issues. The Face ID would not work and the notch on screen looks terrible. This phone is only made for the elite and is priced way too high.

I fell for it and decided to get the the iPhone 8 Plus Space Gray with 256GB of storage, which came out to $949 Plus tax. This was my first mistake. It was only $50 less than the iPhone X model. …