UCLA Football A Classic Win Against Texas A&M

I turned on my TV and started seeing the UCLA Football game against Texas A&M the game was in the middle of the 3rd quarter. I saw the score at a glance and I was happy. UCLA was winning 41 to 10, then I looked again and it was Texas A&M that was winning. They also just kicked a field goal and was now winning 44 to 10.

My first thought, UCLA should be better than this. I started to think, do they have a chance to come back? No way, they are down 34 points!

I decided to watch and hope UCLA can score a couple of touch downs, so they won't get embarrassed. They scored one touch down, then two and then three. They were now down 13 points with 8 minutes to go. Wait, this could happen. They only need two more touch downs. The Texas A&M defense was really tired. They had been on the field almost the entire second half. This was there for the taking.

UCLA quarterback Rosen just took them apart and yes, they scored two touch downs and won 45 to 44.

Great way to start the season!


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