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iPhone 8 on Sale Now

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are now on sale. By looking at the date of shipping, right away you can tell what is selling and what is not selling.

iPhone 8 all colors and size capacities are still available for September 22nd arrival by shipping and pick up.

iPhone 8 Plus is different for colors and size capacities. The Space Gray 256GB is shipping arrival for October 2nd. The Gold 64GB is shipping arrival for October 2nd. The other models are still for September 22nd.

What does this mean? Well, people who want the higher capacity 256 plus size, the demand is higher.

If you are planning to order the iPhone X, make sure you order on October 27th, or you will be waiting for this phone until January.

Apple thinks that having a lot of different models will boost sales. I feel the opposite, it is not about quantity, it is about quality. Apple is starting to follow Amazon's way of thinking. It does not matter the quality of the product, just sell a lot of them and the money will come.

Should You Get iPhone X

I have been hearing that I is crazy to buy a $999 phone. It is just too much.

Well, I feel it is really up to you. If you can afford it and you want a cutting edge technology, then do it.

Times have changed my main driver is my phone. I do everything on it. I don't even own a computer. In fact, I am posting this from my iPhone.

You can buy a MacBook Air or iPhone X. Guess which one you will use more.

New Apple Products This Fall

This fall Apple has a whole bunch of new Apple products. Here is what I have and want.

Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Space Gray 256GB - I already own this iPad and it is my main driver. Best iPad I have ever owned. I was hoping for a new Apple Pencil, but maybe in March next year they will come out with Apple Pencil 2.

Apple iPhone X Silver 64GB - This is probably most anticipated iPhone since the first I phone. I can't pass this one up even at the price of $999. I will definitely get a case, since Apple Care costs $199. Also, a wireless charging pad would be great.

Apple Watch 3 - I like this new watch, but I still can't justify buying the first watch. I like the new feature that it is independent of the iPhone. It also adds $10 more to your cellular bill. Maybe next year.

Apple TV 4K - Yes, it finally has 4K HDR, but there is nothing more it does than what my 4K TV and Fire TV box already does. Maybe next year when Apple gets a TV streaming service (if they ever will).

Apple September 2017 Event - Updated

Ok, we are less than a day away from Apple's announcement of new products for fall of 2017. I seen all the leaks and predictions now here is what I expect to see.

Apple Watch 3 - Same design now has a LTE chip for phone and data connection.

Apple TV 4K with HDR - Same design. Also, Amazon Video, and other TV services, maybe.

iPhone - 3 models iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X. A lot of people think that this an 'S' year, but in reality it is not. I think last year more changes were planned, but they were pushed out to this year. This is the year they needed to move forward with a new design. I am also hearing that the iPhone X will ship later. I believe it will ship with the other two phones, but will be out of stock immediately. As soon as you login to order, it will say 4 to 6 weeks to ship. Basically delayed without saying it is delayed.

iPhone 8
Gray, Gold and White
64GB and 256GB
Starting at $699

iPhone 8 Plus
Gray, Gold and White
64GB and 256GB
Starting $799

iPhone X

iPhone X Availability

I am hearing that this phone will not be available at launch. This is my prediction.

The phone will be available at launch, but when made available it immediately go to something like ships in 4 to 6 weeks.

I will edit this post on the twelfth. Let's see if I am way off...

High End iPhone May Not Be Call Edition

It looks like high end iPhone may not be called iPhone Edition.

The high end iPhone name is still unknown. We won't know until the Apple Event coming up. It could still be iPhone Edition, iPhone Pro and iPhone X.

Let's see what Apple decides...

Fake News is Everywhere

Lately I have noticed that fake news is everywhere. Click on your favorite website or search for a video on YouTube and it will just be there.

The sad part is, it is not just news bots, it is regular people using titles or pictures to entice you to read or view their content. The value of clicks or views needs to change.

We need to learn to not reward this fake news, but it is so hard....

Dodger Stadium

At Dodger game. Hope they win!

Nope, they lost 13 - 0 :(...

iPhone 8 and iPhone Edition

It looks like the iPhone naming convention is as follows:

iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone Edition

I kind of thought that Pro would not work, because our devices are not just for business. We use them for everything.

UCLA Football A Classic Win Against Texas A&M

I turned on my TV and started seeing the UCLA Football game against Texas A&M the game was in the middle of the 3rd quarter. I saw the score at a glance and I was happy. UCLA was winning 41 to 10, then I looked again and it was Texas A&M that was winning. They also just kicked a field goal and was now winning 44 to 10.

My first thought, UCLA should be better than this. I started to think, do they have a chance to come back? No way, they are down 34 points!

I decided to watch and hope UCLA can score a couple of touch downs, so they won't get embarrassed. They scored one touch down, then two and then three. They were now down 13 points with 8 minutes to go. Wait, this could happen. They only need two more touch downs. The Texas A&M defense was really tired. They had been on the field almost the entire second half. This was there for the taking.

UCLA quarterback Rosen just took them apart and yes, they scored two touch downs and won 45 to 44.

Great way to start the season…

Apple Event on September 12, 2017

Apple is set to announce their most interesting iPhone, since 2007. This new phone has some major changes on how we use the phone today.

Apple Watch update is coming and Apple TV is finally getting 4K.