Working Without a Personal Computer

I have now been without a personal computer for over 6 months.  Yes, I still have access to a computer, but I rarely find a need to use one.

Here is my setup:
  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus
  • Apple TV 4
With Accessories:
  • Lightning Digital AV Adapter
  • Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard
  • HP Envy 5530 e-All-in-One Color Printer

That's it, and that is all I need.  I use my iPhone for all my personal use.  I able listen to podcasts, music and movies.  I do my finances on it, working with emails, calendars and pay bills.

When I get tired of watching movies on a small screen, I use my Apple TV 4.  Also, I have a cable that connects to my iPhone and converts to HDMI, which allows me to transfer my content to other screens.  I am able to connect my iPhone to my printer and scan documents as well.

I thought, after selling my MacBook Air that I was going to need another computer right away, but I really don't need one anymore.  I never thought that I would not own a computer, and still be productive.

I no longer need a truck.


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