Apple's Public Beta Program

Apple offers public beta programs for OS X, iOS, WatchOS and TVOS.  You can sign up for free and install the beta onto your devices.  In the past Apple only offered this to developers that paid an annual fee of $100.00.

Apple was very secretive with their betas, as a developer, you were not allow to discuss the beta, only if Apple had announce the new features first.  As we all know, it is difficult to keep Apple secrets theses days.  With offering the public beta program they get much more testers for their new software.

When this first came out, I joined and put the latest beta on my iPhone and Mac.  I experienced issues on my iPhone and Mac, which is expected, since they are betas.  What I did not like, is when the final version was offered to the public, I would go to update and my updater would say, you are already updated.  I am thinking, no, I want the final public version.  It was supposed to be the same, but to me, was slightly different.  I still had issues, like crashes and apps did not working properly.  I would have to reinstall my devices with the public final version.

My take on betas,  they are for developers and testers.  They should not be used on your devices that are used on a daily basis for your work or personal business.  It is like eating food that is precooked and expecting it to taste like it should be fully cooked.  I, now prefer to wait until the final version is released and then jump on it.


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