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Once again I find myself without a computer.This has been a crazy holiday season for me. I started back in September selling my MacBook Pro. I was setting up for the up and coming new iPad that was expected to land in October.I was hoping to get the new iPad for about the same amount as the current iPad. Apple, of course, had different plans for me.Apple launched their iPads and they come with a sizeable price increase. I simply did not know which model and configuration to order. My budget was $700, but any configuration was way over that amount.I ordered the iPad Pro 11”, then the iPad Pro 12.9”, and even the Mac Mini. I finally purchased the iPad Pro 12.9” 256GB. After using it a few days, I realized I needed the folio and the Pencil. I went from my budget of $700 to $1,477.95. This was more than double my budget. Nice Apple. I used it for about a week and realized, this is simply too much to pay for a device that does about 80% of what I need it for, so I returned it.After a week,…

Apple New Event September 12, 2018

Here is what I expect:

The Apple Watch is coming with a slightly larger screen, but that is about it.
Watch Series 4 starting at $399
The Apple iPad may or may not appear in this event. They will come with edge to edge screen and probably Face ID.

iPad Pro 11' starting at $699 - No Announcement (Probably in October)
iPad Pro 12.9' starting at $849 - No Announcement (Probably in October)

The Apple iPhone, this is speed version "s." A plus version as well. Update- I think the middle phone will be launched in spring next year (It looks like it will be announced after all). The AirPods will be updated as well.
iPhone X c Starting at $699 - Xr $749iPhone X s starting at $899 - Xs $999iPhone X s Plus starting at Xs Max $999 - $1099AirPods starting $149 - No Announcement That's it. If new Mac are available they will be a soft launch in October.
After the event I will come back and enter where I was wrong.

New Apple iPad Soon

Once again I find myself without a computer.
I currently own an Apple iPhone X and that is basically it. I have a work computer, but it is locked down and I am not to use it for personal use.
My previous computer was an Apple MacBook Pro 13” 2017 model. I owned it for about 6 months. Well did I sell it, I simply did not want to get stuck with a device that I occasionally use. I want a device that I use more frequently and is more mobile.
In the past I have used the following:
* Apple iPad * Google ChromeBook * Microsoft Surface
There are pros and cons for these devices. For some reason, they did not fit my needs.
I am an Apple guy, and I prefer the Apple OS environment. That will always be my first choice. Apple will soon introduce their 2018 Fall new product lineup. I am hoping to get the new iPad Pro. Let see how it goes.

Apple HomePod

When I was a kid my brother bought a pair speakers for his stereo. The first song he played was Dreams from Fleetwood Mac. The speakers just vibrated with exploding sound. Up to that time, I had never heard music sound like this.Now, whenever I get new speakers or headphones, I will play Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Hoping I will get that experience I had when I was a kid. Recently Apple released the HomePod. It is a speaker that includes Siri.Most of the reviews were not good. They mostly compared the speaker with smart speakers like Amazon Echo Plus, Google Home Max and Sonos One. Comparing the comands and compatibility with services.The HomePod is a music speaker with siri. If you are looking for a smart speakers buy one those smart speakers I mentioned above. If you are looking for a speaker that vibrates with exploding sound, and you are in the Apple ecosystem, get the HomePod.

Apple HomePod or new Apple iPad 9.7

I have been going back and forth trying to decide, should I buy a HomePod or buy the new Apple iPad 9.7 that just came out.
After, thinking of the pros and cons, I have decided on the new Apple iPad 9.7. I came to this decision, because I feel I wll get much more use out of an iPad. It is a great way to consume content. Now I am complete in the Apple ecosystem.
Apple MacBook Pro ’13Apple TV 4KApple new iPad ’9.7Apple iPhone XApple Watch Series 3 with Cellular The Apple HomePod would be nice, but I do not listen to music that often. I will rarely use it. Let see what happens down the road.

Year End Review

This my year end review. It was filled bad decisions.MacBook "12 - Space GrayiPad Pro "10.5 - Space GrayiPhone 8 Plus - Space GrayiPhone X - SilveriPhone X - SilverSamsung Chromebook PlusSamsung Chromebook 3Asus Chromebook 302Raspberry Pi 3Yes, I bought all these items, and all I have to show for it, is an iPhone X. I blame myself for being impatient, and getting bored very quickly. This has taught me, I need to stop being impatient, and there is no short cuts to getting the best product with the best performance.I settled for less, and got burned.

Chromebook Experience

I think my experiment with Chromebooks is done.I have tried cheap ones, middle of the line and high end. The experience is not much different. Android apps run, but are very buggy. Video playback is not very good.I wish Google would put more into these laptops. They have such a great potential, but fall short.